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Pakistan is a paradise for mountains trekkers, most of the trekking routes lay in the northern mountains of The Karakorams, the Himalayas, Hindukush and Pamir. For most of the treks, The Ministry of Tourism, Government of Pakistan, has defined trekking as walking below 6500 meters. It has designated three Zones for trekking; open, restricted and closed. Foreigners may trek anywhere in open zone without a permit or services of a licensed mountain guide. For trekking in restricted zone, foreigners must pay the prescribed fee per person per trek to obtain a trekking permit from the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of Pakistan. Its also requires a hire a licensed mountain guide; buy a personal accident insurance policy for the guide and the porters and to attend mandatory briefing and de-briefing at the Ministry of Tourism, and the beginning and the end of the trekking trip. The tourist season is from April to October in the mountains areas. Pakistan offer a trekking blessed with some of the worlds nearly all rugged and splendid Himalayan scenery. Four of the world’s greatest mountain ranges, there almost 37 of the world’s 100 highest peaks, including K-2 (8611 second in the world), are located in these mountains. Five of these peaks are over 8000 meters and about 100 over 7000 meters. Trekking in the Gligit Baltsitan, in no other part of the world can be found such a complex of Himalayan ranges glaciers, lush valleys and mountain folk. Each range is daunting in itself and worthy of exploration. Together, they stand for the most interesting and exciting mountain destinations to be found anywhere in the world! The high mountain regions of Gligit Baltsitan are very different in spirit to the neighboring Himalayas. Pakistan attracts thousands of tourists every year and most of them come only to visit the Gligit Baltsitan.

This region is supposed to be one of the most rugged, isolated places on earth. This sole blend within this mountainous landscape makes Gligit Baltsitan is a paradise for Mountaineers, Trekkers, and adventure lovers. Here most of the mountains are simply huge monoliths of granite which raise abruptly and vertically for thousands of meters out of many a valley floor; creating awe-inspiring and inimitable mountain vistas. There is little arable land left for the tiny population that inhabits this barren but beautiful wilderness therefore, wherever possible. Every inch of arable land is carefully terraced and tended. Gondogoro Treks & Tours Pakistan ensures that for trekker’s mountaineers for adventure package trip in Pakistan with wonderful life time experience. Gondogoro Treks & Tours Pakistan  promises and offers you all the help to make your journey to Pakistan an exciting and memorable affair, we have wild trekking variety.

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