We have been organizing international tours for the last few years. In Asia we conduct trips in Nepal, Thailand, Sri-lanka, Malaysia, Bhutan and Dubai. Tanzania in Africa is one of our top destinations.

Nepal is a home to the tallest mountain ranges in the world. Nine of the world’s eight thousand meter peaks of the Himalayan range. Mount Everest(8,848m) which is  the highest peak of the world is located in the Northern Himalayas of Nepal. Nepal has a large collection of majestic landscapes dominated by towering peaks lying in South Asia. Nepal is extensively popular as the native land of Gautam Buddha. The mountain ranges of the country  represent high prestige for both the natives and  foreigners around the world. Dozens of gushing rivers, watercourses, mighty lakes, massive glaciers, towering and freezing waterfalls, lush green Meadows, dark pine forests and historical landmarks attract tourists around the globe.
Nepal is sandwiched between the two greats that are China and India. This geographical location creates astounding natural diversities, unique ecology, cosmopolitan cultures and castes. An amazing aspect of Nepal is the presence of around a hundred languages which have designated a composite model of cultures.