The Grand Traverse of Karakoram Mountains, a grand combination of two world’s most interesting and beautiful treks! The combination of Gondogoro-La (5450m) via Baltoro Glacier Panoramic Trek goes through Snow Lake and Hisper La (5150 m). During the trek we meet two main passes of Karakoram. From the top of Gondogoro-La it offers a breathtaking view of Masherbrum, Hidden Peak, Chogolisa, Trinity Peak, Layla Peak and the Gondogoro Glacier. The trek starts at Hushe Valley and goes through some of outstanding mountains views. Trekking in the Karakoram Mountains is a wonderful experience, but trekking to Concordia is a journey of lifetime, Galen Rowell described Concordia as the “throne room of the mountain gods”. Baltoro, home of hundreds of peaks, also homes four 8000 meter peaks; K-2 (8611m) (Mountain of Mountains), Broad Peak (8047m), Gasherbrum-I (8068m), and Gasherbrum-II (8035m). The trek is located in the heart of the mighty Karakoram and offers magnificent view of snow-capped mountains. We have a special reserved day at Concordia to explore the hidden beauty of these panoramic peaks. The trek is bit difficult and is recommended for good trekkers. The journey to giant Baltoro begins at Skardu, the capital town of Baltistan. Biafo & Hispar Glaciers have a total length of 126 kms and are longest outside the Polar Regions. They meet at the 5150 meters Hispar Pass. This immense high way of ice and stones connects the antique kingdoms of Nagar in the west and Askoli (little Tibet) in east.

The trail covers almost the full distance of the Karakoram Range in Pakistan from the Baltistan capital Skardu to Khaplu and Hushe valley, and ultimately continues through Baltoro,  Sonw Lake and Bifo Hispar Huza Nagar.

Departure/Return Location Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad
Departure Time Mountain Range: Karakoram
Elevation: 5500m Best Time: Mid June to End-August
Duration: 32 Days Zone: Permit needed

Additional information

time32 Days

01: Islamabad

Arrival Islamabad and transfer to hotel.

02: Islamabad to Skardu (By Air)

Early morning flight to Skardu (flights are subject to weather), if unable to fly we will depart for Skardu by road with overnight stay at Chilas. Overnight stay in hotel at Skardu.

03: Skardu

In case of flight has operated we will go for sightseeing tour of Skardu and in case no flight, the day will be used for over land travel from Chilas to Skardu. Overnight stay in hotel at Skardu.

04: Skardu to Hushe

we drive in jeeps along the Indus and Shyok valleys before turning northwards up the Hushe valley to reach the road head at the little Village of Hushe. (Tent)

05: Hushe to Shaicho

After breakfast Trek to Shaicho.Today we will leave the last inhabited village of Hushe. For the remaining portion of our journey we will rely on our local team who will carry our food and equipment and sustain our Trek. Short trek about 3-4 hours takes us to the idyllic campsite at Shaicho. This camp lies at the junction of the Charakusa and Gondogoro valleys and is sited on a sandy, tree-shaded area beside a swift-flowing river. There are excellent views of Nameka, the rock pillars of K7 and from the trail leading to the camp. (Tent)

06: Shaicho to Dalsanpa

After breakfast Trek to Dalsanpa. We take a path on a wooded moraine ridge which climbs quite steeply to the seasonal goat herder’s settlement at Golong. Here, we stop for lunch, before dropping down onto the glacier for a scramble along its edge to bypass a section of steep rock. A final scramble up a rocky gulley leads to the very spectacular campsite at Dalsanpa where there are a couple of tiny lakes and staggering views of a range of rocky summits, culminating in the snow plastered summit of Masherbrum. (Tent)

07: Dalsanpa to Khuspang (Gondogoro base camp)

After breakfast trek Khispang. Down onto the glacier, our path follows the centre of the ice river, sometimes walking on moraine and sometimes on snow and ice. We get our first views of the Gondogoro La and pass the stunning spire of Lila Peak. A long day, walking beneath the beautiful spire of Lila peak. (Tent)

08: Rest day at Khuspang (Gondogoro base camp)

Rest and acclimatization day at Khuspang. (Tent)

09: Khuspang to High Camp

After lunch, we will move our base camp to below the pass on a level site on the lateral moraine of the Gonogoro Glacier.This is a short walk of just a couple of hours and the remainder of the day is spent in preparation for the crossing. (Tent)

10: High Camp-Cross Gondogoro La to Ali Camp

A very early start as early as 1 or 2 O’clock in the morning a long day, but we are now well rested and more acclimatized to the altitude. We start out very early to make the best of the snow conditions. The climb to the pass is a fairly straight forward snow climb, with the final stretch to the pass being slightly more than 45 degrees of steepness. We will fix ropes to safeguard the ascent of clients and porters. After about 4 or 5 hours our efforts are rewarded by one of the most fantastic panoramic views in the Karakoram. K2, Broad Peak, Chogolisa and the Gasherbrum’s are all lay out before us as we stand at the crest of the pass Descending from the pass presents greater route finding difficulties than the ascent and we must rope up, since there are a number of crevasses and some short sections of steeper snow as we near the Vigne Glacier. It will take us an hour or more to descend from the pass to the West Vigne Glacier, and from here we have a further three hours of roped trekking to our spectacularly sited camp Ali Camp. (Tent)

11: Ali Camp to Concordia

After breakfast Trek to Concordia. A long walk on the Vigne Glacier to a point called Concordia – a huge junction of Baltoro, Abruzzi & Godwin Austin Glaciers at 4000 meters. (Tent)

12: Rest day at Concordia

Members are free to explore K2 base (A day trip 4 hrs up 3 hrs down) after an early breakfast, resume your walk to K2 Base Camp and visit Memorial lunch at K2 base camp and back to Concordia (Tent)

13: Concordia to Urdukas

After breafast Trek to Urdukas. A long walk on the Baltoro Glacier, reaching the camping place at Goro I, at lunch time. Here, we are in the centre of the glacier, directly below the imposing spire of Masherbrum. During the morning’s walk we have a good view of the shapely summit of the Mustagh Tower on our right and of Masherbrum on our left, or south, side. After lunch, we continue down the glacier, trekking across and around enormous piles of glacial debris, we head for our first off-glacier campsite for some days, at Urdukas (4050Mm/13,287 ft). This famous camp is sited in the green ablation valley on the south side of the Baltoro Glacier and offers fantastic views of the stunning granite architecture of the Lobsang, Cathedral and Trango groups of peaks, as well as the Uli Biafo. (Tent)

14: Urdukas to Paiju

After breakfast Trek to Paiju. We continue our descent of the Baltoro, both on the glacier itself and also a trail cut into the valley side. We pass the off glacier camping place at khorbose and shortly thereafter cut across the glacier to its northern side and descend from the glacier’s snout to the camp at Paiju. (Tent)

15: Paiju to Karofong

After breakfast trek to Karofong. The Braldo River downstream, we skirt beneath Paiju Peak and follow a sandy and boulder-strewn path beside the Braldo River. Beyond the place known as Trowbaraq, we reach the tributary Pangma Valley and head up river for half an hour to reach at bridge which provides the only way of crossing the torrential Pangma River. On the other side, the route climbs over a steep spur to rejoin the north bank of the Braldo, which we follow for two hours to the camp at Karofong. (Tent)

16: Karofong to Namla

after breakfast Trek to Namla we cross the rubble strewn snout of the Biafo and turn north to follow grazing trails beside this amazing glacier. The path beside the glacier is at first quite demanding as it clings to the valley side, neither truly on the glacier nor quite off it. The moraine-strewn glacier itself gives further tough underfoot conditions and it is with some relief that we climb the lateral moraine to discover a grassy meadow in the ablation valley beyond. This is Namla, (Tent)

17: Namla to Mango

After breakfast Trek to Mango this is short and moderate trek on the glacier to Mango. (Tent)

18: Mango to Baintha

After breakfast Trek to Baintha. we cross the jumble boulders to the moraine ridges in the centre of the glacier. Soon we reach the ‘miracle highway’ of white ice which provides easier walking cross over to the east side of the glacier to make camp at Baintha. This is a splendid camping place, with lush grassland, an abundance of flowers and birds and the chance to spot shy ibex on the mountain slopes above the camp. (Tent)

19: Rest day Baintha

Rest day at Baintha, since the alpine loveliness of this camp is not something to be rushed, bearing in mind that there is absolutely nothing in the way of greenery beyond this point for some considerable distance. This rest stop also allows the porters the opportunity to bake a supply of Balti bread and chapattis to last them over the coming days. There is the very worthwhile option today of ascending a peak above the camp for fantastic views down the glacier and across to the Latok group of mountains and the Ogre. (Tent)

20: Baintha to Simgang

After breakfast Trek to Simgng. We will trek on the crevassed Biafo to Simgang Biafo junction. A hard & long day rewarded with breathtaking views of dozens of nameless peaks from 5060 m to Sosbun Brakk 6413 m. (Tent)

21: Simgang to Snow Lake

After breakfast Trek to Snow Lake. This will be a strenuous walking day so far but the most rewarding and perhaps the most memorable day of your life. Cruising first the crevassed glacier & later the upper ice flow, follow the footsteps of Conway, Shipton and Workmans’ to reach Snow Lake. The workmans, on their first sight of this magical place were bound to declare it “A huge basin of ice & snow that seemed in no way of this world” (Tent)

22: Snow Lake to Hisper Pass (5150m) and Khani Basa

After breakfast Trek to Khani basa. Today we will wake up early in the morning and leave as soon as we are done with breakfast, we will try to reach the pass before the sunrise. From the top of Hispar Pass (5150m), some of the finest views of the Karakorum, Ogre Peak (7285m) in the background of Snow Lake’s wide plateau and Hispar Glacier stretching as far as eye can see, with the white pyramid of Workman peak to its north. After a refreshment and photo stop we will proceed to another side of the pass which takes three hours to reach to the campsite at Khani Basa. Most of the day we will walk through deep soft snow in single file with rope to avoid the hidden crevasses. (Tent)

23: Khani basa to Yutmuro Glacier

After breakfast Trek to Yutmuro.Today we will traverse through and cross the Khanibasa glacier that takes around 2 hours. During the day we have spectacular views of Kanjut Sar 1 (7700m) and the glaciers. The great numbers of the wild flowers makes again this day pleasant. (Tent)  

24: Yutmuro to Bitanmal

After breakfast Trek to Bitanmal. An easy stroll through ablation valley brings us to Yutmaru glacier, which takes approx 2 hours to reach the view point of Hisper Pass in the backdrop. The campsite of Bitanmal is filled by willow bushes and wild flowers. (Tent)

25: Rest day at Bitanmal

Rest day at Bitanmal and Explore around (Tent)
After breakfast Trek to Hispar village .An early start is essential each morning as we descend the Hispar Glacier. This is because the side streams which must be negotiated are much less formidable before the heat of the day (and associated snow-melt) swells them to impassable proportions. After crossing the Kiang Glacier, there is a steep climb to regain the path which leads through the grazing grounds of Daltanas and Falolingkish. One large stream has to be crossed just before Falolingkish, and then a footbridge leads across to Hispar Village. (Tent)
After breakfast we will drive for Karimabad. Up on arrival we will be transferred to hotel and check in. Afternoon will be free at leisure or go for a walk around. Overnight stay in hotel at Karimabad.

28: Rest day at Karimabad

After breakfast we will visit Baltit fort and later on we will proceed to Attabad Lake for cruise excursion (16 kms) alongside KKH. Overnight stay in hotel at Karimabad.

29: Karimabad to Chilas

After breakfast we will depart for Chilas, en route lunch stop at Gilgit, will also visit local bazaar. Afternoon drive to Chials. Overnight stay in hotel at Chilas.

30: Chilas to Islamabad

Early morning we will depart for Islamabad, vis Babusar pass. Overnight stay in hotel at Islamabad.

31: Islamabad

After breakfast we will go for de-briefing at Alpine Club and later on sightseeing tour of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Overnight stay in hotel at Islamabad.

32: Islamabad to Flight out

 Transfer to airport for flight back home

Please Note: Gilgit Baltistan flights are subject to weather and backlog, in case of flight cancellation we will travel by road, and one night of Islamabad will be adjusted in overland travel.

Services included as following

  • Trekking permit from Gilgit Baltistan Council    


  • 02 nights hotel in Islamabad (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • 01 nights in hotel Naran (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • 03 nights in Skardu (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)


  • Pick up from group when arrive and drop to airport when group Departure Air-condition van from Islamabad –Skardu-Gilgit-Islamabad
  • Flight Tickets Islamabad-Skardu
  • Arrange transport on briefing and debriefing occasion
  • Sightseeing the capital city of Islamabad

4 x 4 Jeeps:

  • Jeeps from Skardu  to Hushe and Hispar Village to Hunza

Trekking Food:

  • Food (during the Trek (we will serve breakfast, lunch and Dinner)


  • Carry on member personal equipment, foods stuffs and camping crew etc. All porters insurance
  • 16 Kg porter facility for member’s personal gear. (Above 16 Kg will be separately charged from member on spot, as per porter rate per Kg)


  • Guide Cook and assistance cook wages, camp food, transport and their insurance

Camping Equipment:

  • Mess tent, kitchen tent, toilet tent mattress, chairs, Tables

Kitchen utensils:

  • Complete kitchen utensils (crockery)

General Services:

  • Tips for baggage handling at airport & at hotels
  • Fess: (CKNP, Bridge crossing, cable crossing, camping)
  • International flights tickets re-confirmations
  • Custom clearing assistance

Services not included in given price

  • Member international flight tickets
  • Helicopter emergency rescue fees Members any climbing gears
  • Member personal insurance
  • Sleeping bag and all personal expenses such as telephone calls, fax, email charges, liquor or soft drinks,
  • Room service, gratuities for personal services, items of a purely personal nature
  • Custom clearing charges (import and export of equipment’s)
  • Any unforeseen expenses (just like road block extra hotel stay or if members stay more days at Base Camp) then members will be pay according to the numbers of days bases.