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Gilgit Baltistan is not only home to gigantic mountains but also majestic meadows, lively lakes, gushing streams and the mighty cold desert.

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Are you a travel enthusiast? You are at the right place as Gondogoro Treks & Tours offers affordable tours and best value for your money traveling as a group.

Majestic Places

Our landscape is dominated towering mountains including five eight thousander peaks, the land of giants Deosai, heavenly Fairy meadows and tallest waterfalls.

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With multiple booking options and gateways, our team works on your trip quickly and develop an itinerary with all your desired locations immediately.

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The support team of Gondogoro Treks & Tours is readily available to assist you in planning and conducting your tour to give you the journey of a life time.

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Our team keeps on exploring new routes and high mountain passes in the untouched wilderness of Gilgit Baltistan for trekkers, explorers and travel enthusiast. .

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International Tours

Nepal, Thailand, Sri-lanka, Malaysia, Bhutan and Dubai are tourists’ top destination in Asia.

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Hotel Reservations

Gondogoro Treks & Tours offers hotel reservation services through out Pakistan & worldwide.

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We have been facilitating our clients all over the world with professional e-ticketing services

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Rent a Car Services

Gondogoro Treks & Tours is offering car rental services at very nominal rates all over Pakistan.

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Honeymoon Tour To Kaghan & Hunza

Gondogoro Treks and Tours offers its most awaited honeymoon tour to kaghan and hunza valley . Naran valley is best

Kalar Kahar & Salt mines

One Day Trip to Kalar Kahar and Salt mines From ISLAMABAD : From PESHAWAR : – Females and Families are

Special Services

Our Special Services We are Gondogoro Treks & Tours, proud to introduce our self as Pakistan's leading tourist Company. Gondogoro

Masherbrum (7,821m)

Masherbrum is the 22nd highest peak on earth and the 11th highest in our country, Pakistan.

K-2 (8611m) Expedition 2019

Is the highest peak in whole of the Karakoram range.

K-2 BC & Gondogoro La Trek 15th july to 4th August 2019

Is the highest peak in whole of the Karakoram range.

Biafo Hispar Snow Lake Trek 15th July to 4th August 2019

The Biafo Glacier is a 63 km long glacier in the Karakoram.

K-2 BC & Gondogoro La Trek 4th july to 25th july 2019

K-2 Gondogoro la trek gives one of the greatest and loveliest mountain panoramas.

Tirich Mir 7708m Expedition

Is the highest peak in whole of the Hindukush range.

Spantik 7027m Expedition

The mountain is very popular with organised commercial expeditions.

Rakaposhi 7788m Expedition

Rakaposhi in the Karakoram mountain range in Pkistan

Passu Peak 7284m Expedition

The Passu peak lies in the Batura Muztagh in Karakorum mountain range,

Muztagh Ata Expedition

Mustagh Ata (7546m, 24750ft) lies in western China.

Muztagh Tower Expedition

Muztagh lies on the baltoro in the Karakoram range

Khusargang Expedition

Khusargang peak in karakoram mountain rangein   Shigar valley Baltistan.

Laila Peak Expedition

Laila Peak is one of the most beautiful mountains in Pakistan.

Diran Peak Expedition

The Diran peak is a mountain in the Karakoram range in Nagar Valley

Chogholisa Expedition

Chogolisa is one of the most beautiful mountains in the Karakoram.

Bainta Brakk-Ogre-Latok

Ogre and Latok Peaks in the Karakoram Range Peaks in Pakistan

Kaghan Naran jeep safari

Naran is the main center of tourism in the Kaghan Valley in Pakistan

Ibex Trophy Hunting Safari

Hunting permitted during the period 15th Nov till 31st Mar.

Gilgit Baltistan jeep Safari

This Adventure Jeep Safari will take you the beautiful mountain ranges,

Fishing Tour in Pakistan

The trout fishing spots in the North of Pakistan.

Desert Safari in Pakistan

The Cholistan Desert is fascinating barren landscapes of the Cholistan.

Deosai Plains Horse Safari

Horse Safari in particular is one of the most exciting activities.

Deosai Plains Jeep Safari

This Adventure Jeep Safari will take you the beautiful mountain range

Hushe valley Biking Tour

Hushe valley bike tour the most remarkable Biking tour

Karakorum Highway Biking tour

Fourth Highest Peak in Pakistan

HinduKush Mountain Bike

Fourth Highest Peak in Pakistan

Trango Groups Rock Climbing

Trango Towers are a family of rock towers in Baltistan

Shipton Spire Rock Climbing

Shipton Spire is an awesome peak in the Trango valley.

Charakusa Rock Climbing

The Charakusa valley is beautiful and best for rock climbing in Karakoram

Great Karakoram Traverse

The Grand Traverse of Karakoram Mountains,

Spantik Base camp Trek

Spantik Peak Base Camp is a popular playground for mountaineers attempting their first 7,000-meter peak in Karakorum.

Rush Lake Trek & Hunza tour

This is a beautiful trek to Rush Lake with the ascent of Rush Peak

Rakaposhi Diran BC Trek & Hunza Tour

The Rakaposhi Diran base camp trek and Hunza tour is absolutely enthralling.

Nanga parbat Mazeno Pass Trek

Nanga Parbat Mazeno Pass Trek In Gurikot

Mashabrum Base camp Trek

A specially designed trip to the remote wilderness in Eastern Baltistan. An easy trek to the foot of the majestic

Fairy Meadows Trek & Hunza Tour

Fairy Meadow is lush green plateau situated in the foots gin of Nanga Parbat at the Western edge of the

Beautiful Hushe valley Trek

Beautiful Hushe Valley Trek offers various exciting trekking routes in the central Karakoram where we have carefully included the 7821m

Laila Base Camp & Haramosh La Trek

The Haramosh Pass connects the Haramosh Glacier with Chogo Lungma glacier which lies in the North East.

K2 Base camp Gondogoro La Trek

K-2 Base camp Gondogoro la trek gives one of the greatest and loveliest mountain panoramas on earth.

Concordia K-2 Base camp Trek

Trekking in the Karakoram Mountains is a wonderful experience,

Biafo Hispar Snow Lake Trek

The Biafo Glacier is a  long glacier in the Karakoram Mountains of GB,

K2 (Choghori) (8,611m) Expedition

Highest Peak in Pakistan

Nanga Parbat (8126 m) Expedition

Second Highest Peak in pakistan

Gasherbrum I (8,068m) Expedition

Third Highest Peak in pakistan

Gasherbrum II (8,035m) Expedition

Fifth Highest Peak in Pakistan

Broad Peak (8047m) Expedition

Fourth Highest Peak in Pakistan

Gilgit Baltistan Autumn Tours

Autumn in Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan is something to behold.

Gilgit Baltistan Spring Cheery Blossom Tour

We feel pleasure to introduce blossom tours in the Northern Areas of Pakistan

Nangma Valley Rock Climbing

Nangma valley is one of the best rocks climbing area

Deosai Biking Tours

Bicycling on the winding roads of the Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindukush valleys would heighten your experience as you will have

Gandhara Civilization Tour

Discover the hidden treasures of ancient history and the marvels of nature of the northern valleys of Pakistan.

Polo Festivals

At 3734m, this is the world’s highest polo field, set in a magnificent landscape of rolling pastures.

Gasherbrum III (7,952m)

Gasherbrum III is the third highest peak among the shining walls of the Karakoram.

Silk Route Festival

Festival on the Roof of the world where natural environs, landscape, privileged location in the highest mountains.


Pakistan is a heaven for extreme sports enthusiasts, be it high altitude mountaineers or white water rafting, trekking on the


White Water Rafting The high rise mountain peaks on its northern side border Pakistan and these snow capped mountains and

Gasherbrum IV (7925 m)

Gasherbrum IV is the 17th highest mountain on Earth and the 6th highest in Pakistan.

Indus Civilization Tour

Pakistan is a home to one of the ancient civilizations of the world that thrived 4500 years ago along the

Kalash Festival

The Kalash have three colourful festivals to the Kalash these festivals are the culminations of religious life.


Skiing Tour to  Deosai, Bifo Glacier, Rattu, Astore Gilgit Baltistan

Our Services

Special Services

Special Services

Our Special Services

We are Gondogoro Treks & Tours, proud to introduce our self as Pakistan’s leading tourist Company. Gondogoro Treks & Tours was established in 2004 with an objective to execute the needs of mountaineers, geologists, trekkers, tourists, and explorers. We aim to promote the culture of Pakistan by screening different cultural and festival tours. Gondogoro Trek & Tours Pakistan is known as one of the most trusted tourism company in Pakistan. We have been organizing various trips for travelers around the world for the last 13 years. We aim to deliver professional tourism service to promote tourism in Pakistan. Gondogoro Treks & Tours is a full commercial and registered tour operator. We have been providing tourism services for the last 18 years all over Pakistan.
Hotel Reservations in Pakistan

Gondogoro Treks & Tours offers hotel reservation services throughout Pakistan & worldwide. We offer very competitive rates for all hotels including small guest houses, home stays in the mountains and luxury five star hotels in cities  all major cities and capitals of Pakistan.

Car and Jeep Rental Services all over Pakistan

Gondogoro Treks & Tours also offer car rental services at very nominal and competitive rates all over Pakistan. Explore all the Northern areas of Pakistan like Hunza, Nagar, Khunjerab, Astore, Yaseen valley, Skardu valley and all the valleys of Gilgit Baldistan.

Safaris Tours all over Pakistan

We offer various type of wilderness safaris all over Pakistan which include Jeep safari in Kaghan, Hunza, Skardu, Swat and Chitral etc. Join us for camel safaris, Yak safaris and Horse safari all over the Pakistan. Pakistan is bestowed with deserts that are colorful and very captivating. You will discover the isolated villages in the wilderness of deserts riding on the back of Camels and jeeps. We camp near the local settlements to give you a close look into the life of the native people.

Trekking in Northern areas of Pakistan

Explore with us the places that are exclusive and undeniably untouched by the present roads or communities. Dedicated trekking guides and porters will accompany you in the high mountains to make your trekking as relaxed as possible. We keep on exploring new routes in trekking that are unique and remarkable.

Sight Seeing Tours

Pakistan is blessed with historical and natural beauty. A great number of tours we organize are all-purpose tours for trekkers, explorers and mountaineers. We offer comprehensive itineraries, which can be altered as per client’s interest and requirements. Our packages are not only restricted to the Northern Areas of Pakistan in general. We take with us trips to all destinations around Pakistan. This includes exploration and sightseeing tours, hiking, Bike tours, Jeep Safaris and many short Trekking tours.

Winter Tours

Winter in the northern areas of Pakistan is long, exquisitely beautiful, full of snow and attracting. The Southern areas of Pakistan are full of cultural history. In winter the temperature is excellent in the lower areas. In winter we organize fishing trips, boarding trips, river rafting and hunting tours. Trophy Hunting of Ibex, Markhor, Marco Polo Sheep is arranged in Northen areas of Pakistan and Wild Boar hunting in Southern region. We also arrange skiing events. WE arrange skiing evnts in Naltar, Deosai, Shimshal, Biafo-Hisper, Snowlake and Hushe valley.

Spring Tours

Spring is welcomed in most parts of Pakistan with cultural festivals and celebrations. We arrange events where we become a part of these festivals, celebrations and develop aft an itinerary according to clients desire and requirements, Our most popular Spring trips are Hunza Valley Spring Tour, Kalash Valley Spring Festival, Kite Flying Festival in Lahore and Islamabad. Chilimjusht Spring Festival, in the middle of May lasts for four days. The spring festival honors the fairies and also safeguards the goats and shepherds before they go to the pastures. Before the festival the women and girls gather from all over the valley and decorate their houses. Inside the houses local wine and milk products are shared. The women then sprinkle milk on Goddess “Jestak” the protector of their children and home. The festival begins at Rumbur where the Shaman (soothsayer) and tribal chiefs lead a procession to the “Malosh altar”, high above Grum, to sacrifice goats to the Gods. Later the festival moves on to Bumboret and ends up at Birir, a few days later.

Climbing Expeditions in the North

We are tour operators who have been offering annual fixed departures for all 8000 m peaks in Pakistan since 2004. We offer K2 (Choghori) (8,611m) Expedition, Nanga Parbat (8126 m) Expedition, Gasherbrum I (8,068m) Expedition, Broad Peak (8047m) Expedition and Gasherbrum II (8,035m) Expedition in the 8000m peaks category. Similarly, for 700m and above peaks, we offer Gasherbrum III (7,952m), Gasherbrum IV (7925 m), Chogholisa Expedition, Diran Peak Expedition, Masherbrum (7,821m), Muztagh Ata Expedition, Muztagh Tower Expedition, Passu Peak 7284m Expedition, Rakaposhi 7788m Expedition, Spantik 7027m Expeditions.
Air Ticket Booking

We will arrange air tickets, and we have best airfares for all flight operators. You simply make a telephone call or email us and get a quote. Gondogoro Treks and Tours are one of the top tour administrators in Pakistan; we arrange ticketing for meetings, corporate visits, commercial visits, family occasion and event, school seminars visits, educational visits in Pakistan. We have picked the best places with best visit operation experts in Pakistan to outline your residential and inbound visit/travel schedules. Our travel and visit Pakistan bundles incorporate travel administrations, Adventure occasion bundles, Cultural Holiday bundles, Beach Holiday Packages, Hills visit bundles, Wildlife Tour Packages, Rafting Tour, Trekking visits and so forth. Our visit bundles are planned along these lines, that you do not confront any inconvenience amid your visit in Pakistan. Our site packages are centered on necessities of visitors; We comprehend inclination and feelings of sightseers with seasons and climate positions.

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